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Smithsonian 2 is the fourth and penultimate level of the "Resistance" episode of Alien Armageddon.


His journey through the city's slums complete, Wes finds himself at the very museum that Duke Nukem himself cleared not too long ago, the Smithsonian Institution. The historic museum has received several new and updated exhibitions since Duke's journey through it, and now Wes must clear his way through it to continue his journey. Before he can enter the museum, he discovers Commander Varcloac waiting for him, via hologram. During their conversation, Wes learns that the aliens' plan is to use a trans-dimensional portal that they have installed in this very museum in order to bring to Earth a supernatural cult called the Draco. According to Varcloac, the Draco's leader, Lord Onyx, has discovered a path to true immortality; knowing this, Varcloac wishes to claim this prize for himself, and he plans on letting the Draco -- along with Lord Onyx -- travel through the portal to let them wreak havoc on the Earth before he attempts to gain his ultimate reward. And just like that, the stakes have gotten 100 times higher. Wes must do whatever it takes to end this plan before it can come to fruition, or else Earth and its inhabitants are truly doomed.


There are 11 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: Hallway Hijinks, Part 1[]

When you get to the part of the exhibit hallway with President Pitchford on your left, jump through the open part of the cage on the exhibit to the right, take the stairs and go into the hallway; you will come to an intersection. Head to the right to continue down a hallway with green diamond-shaped panels on the wall until you reach an area with a switch, security monitor, and what looks like a computer mainframe. Press on the mainframe to lower it, revealing a secret room containing ammo for the Uzi, Shotgun, and Bow and Arrow.

Secret 2: Hallway Hijinks, Part 2[]

Continue past the previous secret until you get to another intersection, and again, go to the right; you should now be in a hallway with blue diamond-shaped wall panels. Traverse down this hallway until you get to a wall with a bulletin board on it, and a ventilation duct to your left. Go through the duct until you drop down into a 2-way junction. On one side, there is a part of the level that you won't be able to access until much later on, and on the other side is a secret hideaway with a Blade Launcher, and... other interesting props.

Secret 3: Curtain Call[]

In your search for the Blue Access Card, you will eventually come across an exhibit called "Home Worlds", which is full of enemies, alien props and cheering animatronic aliens. In the green-hued part of the exhibit, there is an obvious crack in the wall. Blow it up and follow the new path straight (turning left takes you back to the blue-diamond hallway), and follow this new hallway all the way to a set of curtains that leads into a secret exhibit room with an Atomic Health and a stack of Coins. There are some enemies that will try to come after you here, but worry not; you are behind a force field that cannot be deactivated, so you're completely safe. For now, anyway.

Secret 4: Satanically Angelic or Angelically Satanic?[]

Continue through this part of the level until you can see a caged area where the Blue Access Card resides. Clear out the enemies here and follow the path around until you get to some shelves, with a large wall panel with an angel on it right next to them. Open up the panel and follow the path all the way through to find an Atomic Health, two stacks of Coins, and Uzi ammo.

Secret 5: Open Sesame[]

When you first come to a room that looks like some kind of garage (which is full of Enforcers), you'll notice there is a door that cannot be opened (just across the way from the vending machine). Trigger the scripted wall explosions that happen when you get near the Blue Access Card, clear out the new enemies, and head back to this garage to see that the door is now opened. Head in here to find a Spider-Mine, Large Medkit, and two mags of Railgun ammo.

Secret 6: Lamp Oil, Rope, Bob-ombs?[]

Once you open the Blue Key fence, you will emerge into the huge room seen in the first screenshot. From here, head to your left, all the way to where you can see the sealed-off entrance to the "Babe Gallery" exhibit and a Bob-omb poster to the right of it. Jump through this poster and follow the path around to find 2 boxes of Devastator ammo and a quiver of arrows, as well as an interesting easter egg.

Secret 7: It's 5:00 in Hell Somewhere[]

When you enter the "Mysteries of Space" exhibit with the ultimate goal of getting the Yellow Access Card, go down to where you can see the caged area with a captive Babe and Protozoid Slimer eggs. Clear out the enemies, rescue the Babe, and open the metal door inside the area. Take this hallway (killing these enemies as well) all the way to an elevator at the other end, take it up and walk all the way to a switch. This switch opens up several panels, allowing you to jump to the distant alcoves. The first one contains an Atomic Health, and the second one contains a teleporter that takes you to a secret with a Plasma Gun, ammo for it, a Portable Medkit, a Doomguy action figure, and what seems a Baron of Hell making music as a reference to the Doot meme.

Secret 8: Marine Mania[]

In the marine exhibit (where you find the Red Access Card), follow the path until you reach a downward ramp with a blue tank to your right (first screenshot) all the way until you get to a room with a green tank and a stasis field containing an alien (second screenshot). Notice how one of the wall panels to the left of the stasis field looks different. Open it up and follow it all the way around until you find a secret office with a Large Medkit, quiver of arrows, and 2 Spider-Mines.

Secret 9: A Gem of a Stash[]

Enter the "Humans of Earth" exhibit via the Red Access Card, and keep heading to the left as much as you can, until you come across the scene in the second screenshot, with a red gem on a pedestal and a wall across from it; the wall can be lowered to reveal 3 things of Uzi, Transfusion Rifle, and Revolver ammo.

Secret 10: Walker, Texas Ranger[]

Take the elevator at the end of the "Humans of Earth" exhibit, dispose of the Assault Commanders and Cyberbeasts down here, then head to the left until you see a poster of Chuck Norris himself. Jump through it to wind up in a secret office with Armor, a switch, and a security monitor showing the gated-off "Hidden History" exhibit. Press the switch to open the gate.

Secret 11: There's More Than History Hidden Here[]

Immediately from the previous secret, go back up the elevator into the "Humans of Earth" exhibit and down the left path to find the entrance to the "Hidden History" exhibit that was opened in the previous secret. Head inside, clear out the Cosmotaur duo and the Sentry Drone, and head out the other side, past the curtains. Here, you will see the other side of the fence you likely saw earlier, a switch that opens said fence, as well as a tiny ventilation duct on the floor. Break the vent and use Wes' Self-Shrink to slink through the vent to the other side to wind up in a super-hidden security office. Inside this little safe zone, you will not only fine a nice view of the main area of the museum, but also a box of Ice Bombs, a Blade Launcher, Night Vision Goggles, and most importantly, a switch to open the sealed-off "Babe Gallery" Exhibit! Visit at your own risk however, as visiting this exhibit will cause both a Commando and an Alien Queen to spawn in the main area's first floor!


  • Originally it was intended to be part of the final episode after Space Gladiators showing how Earth is changing under alien rule. It was started by sebabdukeboss20 and later completely/polished by MC84.