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Slum City One is the third level of the "Resistance" episode of Alien Armageddon.


After being taunted by the mastermind of this newest invasion, Commander Varcloac, Wes leaves behind the bright, colorful skyscrapers of the city's Highrise District to its seedy underbelly. A tiny, yet bustling mini-metropolis with various forms of entertainment, Wes must find his way through the slums of the city in order to keep pursuing Varcloac and putting an end to whatever sinister plans he has up his sleeve.


There are 5 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: Say What? Karaoke[]

When you get to the first outside hub area, head into the Karaoke bar. Clear out the enemies, and head towards the bar in the back. Just across from the bar, there is a booth with a bloody handprint on the back wall. Press it to reveal a secret compartment with an Atomic Health and Shotgun ammo.

Secret 2: Drunkin' Donuts[]

When you get to the area with the "Drunkin' Donuts" concession stand, deal with the Pig Cops inside, then jump inside. Notice how there is a small vent on the floor. Break it open, then use Wes' Self-Shrink item to slink on through to the other side for Armor and some Buzzblades!

Secret 3: Get Back to Work, You Slacker![]

Just past the Drunkin' Donuts, you will eventually come to an angled portion of the walkway where a giant portion of the right-side wall has been blown away. Clear any enemies that emerge from here if you have not done so already, then go inside. Notice how one of the monitors on the middle row of panels shows something different from the rest. Press it to open a secret compartment in front of the terminals that contains a Devastator.

Secret 4: East Town Towers[]

After you fall down the shaft into the strip club, thus entering the second and final part of the slums, fight your way out of the strip club you drop into, and head to the outside hub towards the "East Town Towers". Clear the gauntlet of enemies, then head behind the desk. Notice how one of the panels of the back wall is blue. Open it to reveal a switch two panels to the right. Shoot the switch to open a secret containing Buzzblades and 3 Spider-Mines.

Secret 5: Server? I Hardly Know Her![]

After opening the giant door requiring the Yellow Access Card, head into the computer server room, and eliminate all resistance. You will notice that one of the servers is more brightly-colored than the rest. You know the drill by now: Press it to open a secret compartment inside the computer monitors at the back of the room containing a Plasma Gun and ammo for it.