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The Skycar is a Rigelatin vehicle that appeared at the start of Duke Nukem 3D, though it could not be controlled by the player. In the Duke Nukem 3D mod DukePlus, there is a drivable version that appears in some fan-made levels. This article is mostly about the drivable version.


Though the Skycar has made an appearance in the original version of Duke Nukem 3D, it should also also be noted that the Skycar would actually be a Rigelatin vehicle that was aboard the mothership Duke used to return to Earth in Duke Nukem II. However, it never appears in the game itself. It was not a vehicle the player could control and its first and last official appearance story-wise was when it crashed in Hollywood Holocaust after being shot down by the aliens.

Combat analysis[]

Duke Nukem can get into and out of the Skycar anytime the player likes; this is important for levels where both being on foot and the Skycar are needed. As well as being capable of flight the Skycar has two weapon load outs. It has machine guns and bombs. There is no ammunition limit for either of these load outs and both payloads are lethal; though the bombs need to be timed right in order to actually hit the target. The machine guns fire small explosive rounds which are similar in size to the small explosions from devastator rounds that can also be used to blast cracks in walls should the need arise as well as gib enemies. The bomb when dropped generates several large explosions and if the player is flying too low they could also get caught in the impact so they need to keep their distance from the ground. The Skycar is effective against just about any opponent; is very fast moving and it can also do barrel rolls to avoid incoming fire; the barrel rolls work in much the same way as strafing. The Skycar itself cannot be destroyed but when it's hit by enemy weapons Duke Nukem's health goes down just like it would normally if he was on foot. Another thing the player need's to be careful of is crashing the Skycar into the walls among other things which will also damage Duke Nukem; especially in tight spaces such as caves and tunnels. The Skycar is obviously easier to control in large spaces but sometimes the player may have to fly it through smaller spaces. The Skycar's benefits of being able to get to places Duke himself normally can't are similar to the Jetpack.



The Skycar in flight