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For the Duke Nukem 3D weapon, see Shrinker (DN3D).

The Shrink Ray is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Shrink Ray will shrink any enemy it hits. Enemies shrunk are about 10 times weaker to weapons than they normally would be, and enemies that are on the ground can be stepped on by Duke for a 1-hit KO. The Shrink Ray in DNF seems to be resemble more closely the G.L.O.P.P. Ray from Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project than the classic Duke Nukem 3D Shrink Ray.


Nail everything first, then start stomping. It has a small area of effect, so you may be able to hit 2 Pig Cops at once. An alternative method of stomping shrunken enemies is to use a pipebomb or other explosive. One explosion will instantly gib any shrunken enemy, even the assault commander.

Only 2 design phases of the Shrink Ray are known:

  • The 2001 version which was organic looking and slightly different in that it fired a lightning-like beam.
  • The 2006 version was very similar to the final one.



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