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The Seagull is one of the new enemies introduced in Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach. It is a simple bird first encountered in the level, Caribbean Catastrophe.


Not so much a monster as an annoyance. Although nothing adds ambience to a day at the beach like the relaxing sound of seagulls, just try to stay out from underneath them!

-Instruction Manual

The Seagull is more of an annoyance than a threat. When disturbed, they start flying, chirping and even pooping. They only inflict damage when close by and are easily disposed.


They are flying white birds with yellow beaks and black eyes. They are also small in size.

Combat analysis[]

Seagulls attack by dropping turds on their enemies' heads. They are quite fast but nothing a few Pistol shots can't take care of.


Getting Bird Crap on your new duke shoes is Gross.

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