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The Scuba Gear is an inventory item in Duke Nukem 3D and its ports.


The Scuba Gear prevents the player from drowning, thus allowing them to explore underwater areas at relative leisure.

A new Scuba Gear has a full tank of air, which is used up relatively slowly while underwater. Once the Scuba Gear runs out of air, Duke then holds his breath and then starts to drown as if he had just entered the water.

Picking up a new Scuba Gear when holding a partially used one will cause you to discard your currently held one and pick up the new one. The air in the partially used Scuba Gear will therefore be lost, so it is wise to collect them carefully.


The Scuba Gear appears in LameDuke but has a completely different sprite and cannot be activated.


  • The Scuba Gear is the only inventory item that is shown on-screen when it is being used - the breathing mask that automatically appears on the screen while underwater.
    • The Night Vision Goggles don't count, as its own on-screen indication is its effect, not the item itself.
  • The Space Suit would have worked identically to the Scuba Gear, except for in space, had it been implemented in the game.
  • The Scuba Gear is the slowest-draining inventory item.

The Scuba Gear in other games[]



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