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The Scorpion Tank is a scrapped enemy from Duke Nukem 3D and the first boss of the Duke Nukem Mobile 3D series.


The Scorpion Tank's sprites are included in Duke Nukem 3D's game files, but they are never used in-game. Dubbed the "Scorpion Tank" by fans, the sprites depict a Pig Cop mounted inside a tank shaped like a scorpion, with two front-facing Gatling guns and a rear mortar. It is possible the Scorpion Tank's sprites may have originally been used by the Pig Cop Tank but were replaced at some point during development. Unlike the Pig Cop Tank, the Scorpion Tank does not have a self-destruct button on its backside.

Reprisal in Duke Nukem Mobile 3D

The scrapped sprites from the Duke Nukem 3D game files were used to create the first boss of the Duke Nukem Mobile 3D series. It appears on E1L5 in a back alley, where it holds the Access Card needed to reach the next level. It moves quickly and can ram the player, but it does not have very much health.

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