Santa's Corporate HQ is the fourth level in Duke: Nuclear Winter.


As the title suggests this level takes place in and around the headquarters of Santa's corporation; the player starts just outside . Some of the locations in the Headquarters include an Office Cubicle Section, a meeting room, a research lab and Santas Office as a long list can be seen on a table. Once the player makes their way through the interior of the headquarters building they'll be in an outside section once again. This outside section involves a bit of jumping between roofs and ledges respectivelly; combat starts to get heavier outside too, it can be a bit difficult figuring out where to go at first in this level.ds 

Secrets Edit

Secret 1 - In the area adjacent to both the red keycard area and the red key door, there are two grey stone buildings; one is the office area from a previous part of the level, and the other has two opaque black office windows. Get behind those windows (there are multiple ways via jumping on and across ledges) to register the secret.

Secret 2 - In the same area as secret 1, move behind the waterfall to get the devastator weapon and the second secret.

Easter EggsEdit

Tips Edit

At the end of the level after deactivating the forcefield, before moving forward towards the drop, there are two shrunken pig cops at the bottom. The only way to get 100% kills seems to be to noclip around (avoiding the level end trigger) to them.


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