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Santa's Corporate HQ is the fourth level in Duke: Nuclear Winter.


As the title suggests this level takes place in and around the headquarters of Santa's corporation; the player starts just outside . Some of the locations in the Headquarters include an Office Cubicle Section, a meeting room, a research lab and Santas Office as a long list can be seen on a table. Once the player makes their way through the interior of the headquarters building they'll be in an outside section once again. This outside section involves a bit of jumping between roofs and ledges respectively; combat starts to get heavier outside too, it can be a bit difficult figuring out where to go at first in this level.ds 


Secret 1[]

Once you get back outside from the HQ after using the blue key, you'll come up to a section with a snow slope opposite a wooden building. Jump up the slope on the left so you can go behind the concrete building and grab secret #1. Contains: RPG, 2 x RPG ammo

Secret 2[]

The second secret is right by the first. Down on ground level you will come upon a waterfall and Atomic Health. Walk through the waterfall to grab secret #2. Contains: Devastator

Easter Eggs[]


At the end of the level after deactivating the forcefield, before moving forward towards the drop, there are two shrunken pig cops at the bottom. The only way to get 100% kills seems to be to noclip around (avoiding the level end trigger) to them.


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