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Sally is Captain Dylan's girlfriend who appears in the Duke Nukem Forever DLC The Doctor Who Cloned Me.

She is first seen in a cabin near the Burning Bush brothel once Duke Nukem regroups with Dylan after obtaining clearance from Dr. Valencia to access a secret government facility that contains a teleporting machine. Sally throws Dylan out of her cabin due to him possibly having a sexually transmitted disease (STD), telling him to "get that thing checked".

Sally is seen again at the end of the DLC, having accepted Dylan back into her cabin after he helped Duke to save the world from a second alien invasion. She and Dylan are heard having sex inside her cabin, with Dylan finally spouting "Crap. Out of ammo".


  • Her appearance is a copy of one of the strippers from Duke Nukem Forever, specifically the first one Duke Nukem sees in Duke Nukem Forever's Titty City level.