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SOB-Bot is a mod add-on for Duke Nukem 3D that simulates multiplayer matches ("Dukematch") with Dukebots.



SOB-Bot Win32 launcher

SOB-Bot adds Dukebots to simulate deathmatch in singleplayer and online multiplayer game modes. Similar to enemy monsters, the bots are programmed only to attack player-controlled characters. They are able to use the Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun Cannon, RPG, Shrinker, and Expander. It is also possible to customize the bots' health, speed, whether they can fly or dodge, and whether they can use Portable Medkits. There are two versions of SOB-Bot: one for the Classic Edition and one for the Atomic Edition. SOB-Bot was originally released for DOS, but a Win32 launcher is now available as well.


SOB-Bot was programmed by Joris Weimar and Syndey Linkers.

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