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Rosario 5 is the second level of the "Resistance" episode of Alien Armageddon.


Rosario 5, the city's posh, upscale Highrise District, is a prime target for the aliens to wreak their havoc. Everything from restaurants, a motorcycle shop, a bank, apartment complexes, and even a shopping mall, are all found here, all of which having been completely overrun by the alien menace. Getting his objectives from a laptop in the beginning train station, Wes quickly grips his deadly sword and prepares to take this part of the city back by any means necessary.


There are 13 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: Balancing Act, Part 1[]

When you exit the starting train station, you should see what equates to the first screenshot directly in front of you; go into the building to the right (next to the blue hot dog stand), and go to the back of it, near the archway that leads to a courtyard. Instead of going into the courtyard, turn right and head through to the "Parking" area. Follow this path all the way to what looks like a dead end ledge (screenshot 2). On your left, you'll notice a very narrow slope leading up. Follow this slope to reach an Atomic Health.

Secret 2: Fine Dining[]

Once you drop off the ledge of the previous secret, to your right you will notice a blue neon facade in the shape of a martini glass; this leads to a two-story food court with food trucks on the bottom level. Clear out the enemies and make your way to the second floor, which will trigger another fight. After that, make your way to the section of seating that contains a green poster as seen in the second screenshot. Simply jump through it to find two boxes of ammo for the Devastator.

Secret 3: What's Behind Door #3?[]

Exit the food court the way you came in for the previous secret, head to the 4-way intersection and turn left. On the left side buildings here, you can see 3 red doors: 1 huge one in the middle and 2 smaller ones on either side. The rightmost door can be opened to reveal 4 cylinders of Revolver ammo and Armor.

Secret 4: Time Trial[]

Exit the previous secret and once again, and head back to the street containing the food court. The building to your left (across from the food court) looks to be some kind of lobby. Behind the desk here, along with a Pig Cop, is a switch right next to a security monitor. Looking through the monitor, you can see that this switch opens a garage door on the complete opposite end of the street, next to a neon sign of three red arrows. This door is timed, so hurry up and make it to the newly opened mechanics' garage to find several goodies, including an Obliterator, Devastator, Armor, Revolver Ammo, a Small Medkit, Adrenaline and 2 Protozoid Slimer eggs.

Secret 5: Take That to the Bank[]

Go inside the bank at the intersection (the building with the light green lower portions and tall Greek columns) and take the elevator up. Kill the enemies inside and go to the second planter on the left side (under the sign that says "Information" and "Express Service". The back wall of this planter can be opened to reveal a Blade Launcher and 2 racks of Buzzsaw Blades.

Secret 6: Rooftop Rumble[]

Find and activate the catapult inside the bank that launches you up to a rooftop across the street. After clearing out the baddies up here, you will notice a tent-covered eating area with a big red fireplace/stone oven. Jump to the top of the oven to find an Obliterator (mind the Rangers sniping at you if you haven't dealt with them yet!)

Secret 7: Balancing Act, Part 2[]

Immediately after this secret, glide to the roof across from you (where the Rangers are/were), and clear out the enemies. After that, look for the green junction box and get on top of it. From here, do a careful balancing act and traverse the wire all the way back to the previous rooftop and look to your right to see an Atomic Health in a tiny alcove. If you fall here, keep in mind that Wes can glide safely to the ground to mitigate -- if not eliminate, depending on the speed/angle of your fall -- fall damage.

Secret 8: Scaffolding Glide[]

After going through the zombie-infested Blue Key apartment and gliding to the next rooftop, you will notice a higher-up section of the roof with scaffolding next to it. Make your way up, dispose of the alien scum, and walk onto the scaffolding. You will notice there is a hole in the side wall of a rooftop across the way. Glide over to it and take care of the bad guys here to be rewarded with 4 Spider-Mines, ammo for the Revolver, Shotgun and Transfusion Rifle, and Health.

Secret 9: Window Seat[]

Make your way back up to the higher-up portion of the rooftop with the scaffolding, but this time, glide over to the next rooftop. Doing so will spawn a fight with a squad of Enforcers, so take care of them. There will also be Rangers sniping at you from the next rooftop over. Before you make your way there, hop on top of the blue tower on your current rooftop and look to the right to spot a ledge with some windows. The window closest to the right wall can be jumped through for a Portable Medkit.

Secret 10: Party, Party, Party[]

Glide over to the rooftop with the party equipment all over the place. Once you clear out the initial assault, head inside the nearby building into what looks like some kind of banquet hall. Under the staircase on the left side is an open window with some metal around it that can be walked on to collect three boxes of Uzi ammo.

Secret 11: Mall Rats, Part 1[]

Immediately after dropping inside the shopping mall from the glass skylight, clear the enemies, then turn around and face the wall with the two potted plants on either side. The one on the right has a Doom-like poster that can be interacted with; do so to lower the platform the plant is on, revealing a Transfusion Rifle and 2 magazines for it.

Secret 12: Mall Rats, Part 2[]

Still inside the mall, stay on the same floor as the previous secret and head to the other side of the mall; the potted tree on the rightmost side has a secret compartment behind it; go inside to find a pair of Night Vision Goggles.

Secret 13: Conditioned Airtime[]

After obtaining the Red Access Card and flipping the switch inside the elevator that activates all the red-colored A/C units you've probably noticed on some of the buildings, backtrack all the way back to the rooftop with the greenhouse on it (which was where we found the path leading to Secret #7). You'll notice that there are 3 stacked A/C units on the side of a building across the street. Strafe jump and glide your way over there and let the units' air streams push Wes further up until you eventually land on a narrow balcony on the building, containing Night Vision Goggles, Adrenaline, a Portable Medkit, and ammo for both the Revolvers and Shotgun.