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Level design in Roch
(Pictured: Roch 6)

Roch is a nine-level mod for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition that was created by Pascal Rouaud and released incrementally over the course from 1999-2003.

Each of the nine maps is based in a geographically confined but highly detailed urban area, with particular detail seen on the exteriors of buildings. The mod's unique style has inspired many subsequent user map designers and has triggered several threads in the Duke4 forums on its map design philosophy. It has even spawned a deliberate imitation known as "LORCH" by Sanek.


  1. Roch 1
  2. Roch 2
  3. Roch 3
  4. Roch 4
  5. Roch 5
  6. Roch 6
  7. Roch 7
  8. Roch 8
  9. Roch Secret (Secret Level)

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