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This page refers to the class of enemies in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. For other uses, see Robot (disambiguation).

The various robots employed by the aliens.

The Robot is a type of enemy in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill with many forms.

Aside from their various armaments, the Robots fall into two distinct categories. One category behaves like a stationary turret mounted on a tripod base, and the other can move around on treads. Duke will first encounter Robots on the first level, Time to Kill.


The weapon load out will vary from Robot to Robot; most are armed with a single machine gun but perhaps the most dangerous of all is the rarer ones that are actually armed with RPGs. The robot on tread's looks like a small tank and the armament sits just on top of the tread base while the stationary variant is basically a gun on a tripod stand; the guns on either variant can swivel. Robot's can take quite a bit of punishment so stronger weapons are recommended when going up against them.

Game manual description[]

"The aliens have created a variety of robots to defend colonized areas. Armed with proximity mines, autocannons, or missile launchers, they are tough and relentless."