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Ritual Entertainment was a video game studio that was founded in Dallas, Texas in August 1996. In its first year, the company was known as Hipnotic Interactive and was renamed sometime between their publication deal with Activision in May 1997 and the publication of SiN in November 1998.

On January 24, 2007, the studio was acquired by MumboJumbo, and remaining projects in development were effectively cancelled.

Relation to the Duke Nukem franchise

One of the studio's co-founders, Richard "Levelord" Gray, was one of the lead level designers for Duke Nukem 3D. While working on new levels for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, Gray left 3D Realms in August 1996 to help start the new company.

The relationship between Ritual Entertainment and the Duke Nukem franchise was the subject of brief controversy in May 1997 when Activision signed a publishing contract with Ritual Entertainment. Shortly after the signing, Activision, while formally announcing their new partnership, stated that Ritual Entertainment comprised the core of the Duke Nukem 3D development team. 3D Realms immediately responded by challenging the accuracy of the statement, pointing out that only five of the employees of Ritual Entertainment were former staff of 3D Realms and that only three of these five played any significant role in developing the game.