For the Duke Nukem 3D weapon, see Chaingun Cannon (DN3D).

The Ripper, also known as the Chaingun Cannon, is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Ripper is a Nordenfelt-type machine gun based on the Russian TKB-059, with three barrels that fires standard bullets. Its high rate of fire can shred enemies in no time, but is limited somewhat by its small 50-round magazine, which needs to be reloaded fairly often. The magazine of the Ripper is inserted in front of the trigger group. It has a sten grip to control recoil, picatinny rails, and a stock which is seen retracted.

A podcast made before the game was released hints that the Ripper works best against large groups of enemies. On screen, it appears to be bulkier than its Duke Nukem 3D counterpart.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A notable development issue between the PC and Console versions of Duke Nukem Forever is on the PC version, when Duke reloads the Ripper he simply places the magazine in the Ripper and locks it, in the console versions when Duke reloads the Ripper he taps the magazine into the Ripper before locking it.
  • The Ripper was confirmed in 2004, after removing the Assualt Rifle. The 2004-2007 Ripper looked like the original Duke Nukem 3D Ripper and the DNF versions till 2007 didn't had any reloading. In 2009 the Ripper had longer reloading as you can see in the console versions. The underwater sound of the final Ripper is the same as the beta sound of the 2009 Ripper.

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