Richard "The Levelord" Gray is a video game designer who is best known for designing levels for 3D video games. His most famous works are perhaps the levels for Duke Nukem 3D and SiN. During development of the expansion for Duke Nukem 3D, he quit his position at 3D Realms to co-found the company that became Ritual Entertainment.

He is well known for hiding difficult to find Easter eggs in his levels in the form of hidden messages. Some of these Easter eggs can only be found by viewing the level in an editor program or by cheating in the game; such Easter eggs are often a message such as "You're not supposed to be here! - Levelord". Duke Nukem 3D is known for having many such messages written on walls in some levels.

He created the very first suspended platform, aka "void", deathmatch called HIPDM1 or "The Edge of Oblivion" for the Quake add-on pack Scourge of Armagon. The "islands in space" design of this multiplayer map have become a staple in Quake III Arena and many other deathmatch games. He also created the first player-the-size-of-a-rat deathmatch level with the release of SPRY or "Behind Zee Bookcase" for SiN.

With MumboJumbo's recent acquisition of Ritual and its transition from big-budget projects (like SiN Episodes) to casual gaming, he has been involved with smaller, more quickly developed and more experimental games.

He designed 4 new levels for the 5th episode of Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, titled Alien World Order.

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