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Red Ruckus is the second level of Alien World Order in Duke Nukem 3D and takes place in Moscow.


Secret 1: Floor grate in the garage

Across from the grocery store, jump atop the brown car, head to the front, and turn left. Drop down through the broken bars, break through the vent, and enter the secret room.

Secret 2: Crack at the end of the street

At the very end of the street, there is a building on the left-hand side with a low roof. (Russians will recognize the building as a 24-hour flower shop; the sign above the entrance features the white text "цветы" on a red background.) Climb onto the roof, and blast through a crack in the wall to find a secret Holoduke inside.

Secret 3: Behind the shelf of perishable foods

Inside the grocery store, across from the emergency exit double doors, destroy the shopping carts, glass, and bottles to be able to gain access to the secret room with an armor pickup.

Secret 4: Liquor bar behind the bookcase

In the lower level of the military barracks, step onto the only bed that does not have green sheets. The nearby bookcase will lower, revealing a secret room with a liquor bar and Scuba Gear.

Secret 5: Underwater tunnel

Once in the caves, head underwater and look for a tunnel entrance. Swim to the end of the tunnel. Emerge from the water and step onto dry land to claim the last secret.



Duke Nukem 3D - 20th Anniversary World Tour - Alien World Order - Red Ruckus E5L2


  • According to the developer commentary, Richard Bailey Gray modeled some of the buildings on this level after shops near his home in Moscow, and he left several Easter eggs that are only recognizable to his family and friends in Russia.
  • The soundtrack's title, Dukelinka, is a play on the name of the famous traditional Russian song "Kalinka."
  • Upon entering the apartments on this level, Duke will say, "I wonder if the Siskova sisters still live here. Mmm... Natasha and Nastya." The name "Siskova" is a double entendre derived from "siski," the Russian word for "boobs."
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