Red Ruckus is the second level of Alien World Order and takes place in Moscow.

Secrets Edit

  1. Across from the grocery store, jump atop the brown car, head to the front and turn left. Drop down through the broken bars, break the grate, and enter the room.
  2. Find the 24 hour flower shop (with white text "цветы" on a red background) at end of the street, far away from where you started behind a tree. Get onto the roof and destroy the cracked wall. Walk inside to get the secret and a Holoduke.
  3. Inside the grocery store, across from the emergency exit double doors, destroy the shopping carts, glass, and bottles to be able to gain access to the secret room with an armor pickup.
  4. In the room that has the wall that you destroy to enter the caves, walk over the only bed that doesn't have the green sheets. The nearby bookcase will lower, revealing a secret room with Scuba Gear.
  5. Once in the caves, head underwater and look for a small cave that's just tall enough to fit through. Swim to the end, surface, and step onto the small section of land in front of you.

Walkthrough Edit

Duke Nukem 3D - 20th Anniversary World Tour - Alien World Order - Red Ruckus E5L2

Duke Nukem 3D - 20th Anniversary World Tour - Alien World Order - Red Ruckus E5L2

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of the Overlord Sentry in Duke Nukem 3D.
  • First appearance of the Overlord since Overlord (level).
  • According to the developer commentary, Richard Bailey Gray designed some of the buildings and shops around where he was living in Russia.
  • The soundtrack's title, Dukelinka, is a play on the name of the famous traditional Russian song "Kalinka".
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