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Red 2 Zombie Edition is the sixth level (as of v4.0 onwards) and only secret level in the "New Invasion" episode of Alien Armageddon.


Secret exits, Necronomicons... what's next? Oh... zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Just where is this town located? Where did all these zombies come from? Why are there so many of them? Most importantly, how are Duke Nukem and Bombshell supposed to escape this horrible place? Realizing time is absolutely NOT of the essence, the ass-kicking duo ready their weapons and get to work. Who knows? Maybe they will also find some answers as to what the hell is going on.


Secret 1: Across the Supermarket...[]

Directly across from the start (once you exit the tunnel), mow down any Zombies in your way and head straight to the 4 way intersection with the Supermarket to your left. From here, go right, past the Humvee that is crashed into the wall and around the corner of the brown section of wall. Over here is a switch. Press it to open a door into the building to the right of the aforementioned Humvee. Inside you will discover an elevator.

Secret 2: ...and into the Building[]

Use the elevator inside the first secret to be taken up inside the building, where you will emerge into a narrow hallway with two Zombies, 3 Spider-Mines, a box of Pipebombs as well as RPG Ammo. No extra screenshots for this one, as this secret is inside of the other secret.

Secret 3: The Wishing Well[]

Back at the 4-way intersection with the Supermarket to your left, this time head directly straight until you reach a car with a locked fence to the left of it. To the right of the car will be a small brown fence you can jump over. Do so and you will see what looks like a well. Swim under the water here and head to the other end to surface into the yard inside the aforementioned locked fence. In here, you will see a Freezethrower as well as ammo for it. Jumping up onto the upper level of this house, you will also see RPG Ammo, a Large Medkit and Armor. Alternatively, you can just fly over the fence to achieve the same result (provided you aren't out of Jetpack fuel, of course).

Secret 4: Roof to Roof[]

Directly left from the start of the outside area (before the Supermarket intersection) is the Karaoke Club/Bar. Go past that until you get to a sloped road. Here you can see a few buildings with roofs you can jump on. Jump to the nearest one first (right one in the second screenshot) and then to the one across from it (left building in the second screenshot) to find 3 Pipebombs. Again (as with the 3rd secret), you could alternatively just fly up to it, so long as you still have Jetpack fuel.