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RatOids are enemies in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. They are mutated rats that have become mutated due to their exposure to G.L.O.P.P. and serve Mech Morphix. Like most of the other enemies in the game; there are three variations of this creature. All three throw pipebombs and can attack in melee with their claws.


RatOid lvl 1


This variant is first encountered in the first level of the third episode Metro Madness. He basically looks like an oversized rat with brown fur; his two attack methods are a pipebomb and his claws if the player is too close. Unlike the other two later variants he has only one type of pipebomb; when the player gets within range he'll throw a red tinted pipebomb that does 5 damage if it actually hits the player; however when the pipebomb strikes a surface waves of flame will emerge from the left and right of where it detonated and if the player gets burnt by the flames they lose 14 ego which means being burnt is actually worse than being hit by the pipebomb itself. His claw attack does 15 damage to the player if they get too close to him.

RatOid lvl 2


He looks quite similar to the Lvl 1 variant except he's a bit bigger, has more fur on his limbs, neck, chest and back, and is a brighter colour; another thing that the player can use to tell him apart from the Lvl 1 variant is the pouch he has for carrying pipebombs. Like the Lv 1 variant he throws pipebombs and can attack in melee. He has two types of pipebombs; the same red-tinted ones the Lv 1 variant uses as well as blue tinted pipebombs. The blue tinted pipebombs sprays shrapnel around the place which does 2 damage before detonation which inflicts more damage on the player. His red tinted pipebombs appear to be stronger than the lvl 1 variants. He can also do 20 damage in melee.

RatOid lvl 3


The third variant is white, has black barcodes on his shoulders and an additional strap on the pipebomb pouch he uses. He can be distinquished from the other two by what appears to be a G.L.O.P.P. tank on his back. In addition to having the red and blue tinted pipebombs of the lesser variants; he has a third type of pipebomb and it's a lot harder to avoid taking damage from it than the other two because. when this pipebomb hit's the ground it will make a beeping noise then explodes before splitting into three smaller projectiles that home in on the player much like homing missiles; each projectile does 5 damage. His claw attack does 25 damage and it should also be noted that if an explosive weapon is used against him the G.L.O.P.P tank on his back will explode and leave a puddle of G.L.O.P.P. so the player should watch out for that especially if low on health.

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