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The Rat is an enemy in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Rat is the smallest enemy encountered in DNF and only attacks Duke when he's shrunk down in size during certain levels. In all other levels, they are harmless but Duke can pick them up, place them in a microwave, throw, or squeeze them to death. They also come in brown, gray, and maybe a few other colors.

The Rat's only form of attack is biting up close. It has small amount of health (probably smallest compared to all the enemies in DNF) and hence is easily killed.

Combat Analysis

Rats pose no threat while Duke is at normal size. If a Rat encounters Duke while shrunk, they will charge at Duke and attack. They can be killed easily, but will swarm if given the chance.

Stick with weapons that travel fast; Rats not only move quickly, but will strafe on occasion, accidentally dodging incoming fire should the player by trying to shoot them.

  • M1911 Pistol, Shotgun and Ripper (DNF) are all effectively in taking them out.
  • Melee also works well enough if the player can safely shrug off the damage.
  • Avoid using explosive weapons unless they are far enough away.
  • Freeze Ray works well enough in freezing them, but the player will still need to melee them (cannot be executed), which makes it an ill-advised weapon to use against larger swarms.
  • Expander will blow them one with a single shot. Shrink Ray is ineffective.

The Rat does not attempt to leap over obstacles; should they be unable to reach Duke on foot, they will get as close as they can and wait around. They can be picked off easily, this way.


The Rat can be used to achieve the Microwave EGO boost in place of popcorn. This can only happen in the levels Damn! It's Late... and Ghost Town.

In Duke Nukem 3D, rats could be seen scurrying around on the ground, particularly in air vents and in sewers, but were not enemies.

Rats also are one of the creatures mutated with G.L.O.P.P. by Mech Morphix in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

They might also be a reference to the the Build engine cousin of DN3D called Blood, which featured them as nuisance enemies.

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