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The Railgun or Sniper Railgun is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever.

The Railgun is basically a cross of a classic sniper rifle and the Expander. In theory, a railgun is an entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails using the same principles as the homopolar motor. The gun fires a very powerful red beam that can kill an enemy in one hit. However, if the player kills an enemy with a headshot, the enemy’s head will explode. It can also pierce any wall and multiple enemies. However, it will not pierce some types of glass, so you can't stay safe and nail enemies easily.

It is equipped with a scope to allow accurate aiming at long range.

You can see in some beta verisons like the 2009 DNF beta, the Railgun had differend sounds and fired a blue beam instead of a red one in the final game.

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