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Rabid Transit

Rabid Transit

Rabid Transit is a level in Duke Nukem 64. Although it uses many elements from the original Rabid Transit in Duke Nukem 3D, it has a completely different layout and is significantly larger.

Compared to their Duke Nukem 3D counterparts, no level in Duke Nukem 64 has been modified or expanded as thoroughly as Rabid Transit.

Rabid Transit is preceded by Movie Set or, if the secret level was found, Area 51, and it is followed by Fahrenheit.


There are 9 secrets on this level.

Secret 1: Cola Machine

In the area to the left of the magazine shop at the beginning of the level, you will see rows of vending machines. On the left-hand side, there is a row of red and blue "COLA" machines. Activate the last cola machine on the right to reveal a secret Holoduke in the wall.

Rabid Transit 1-0

Secret 2: Lunar Apocalypse Posters

To the left of the mounted Laser Tripbombs on the subway platform, you will see two large posters of Duke Nukem with the words "Lunar Apocalypse" on them. Open these movie posters to reveal a secret compartment behind them.

Rabid Transit 2-0

Secret 3: Cement Column With Night Vision Goggles

On the subway platform where you can see part of Gun Crazy through a chain link fence, go to the side of the platform with the Shadow Warrior graphic. In the very last cement column that is farthest away from the bathroom area, you can open a secret compartment in the side of the column, revealing a set of Night Vision Goggles.

Rabid Transit 3-0

Secret 4: Locker Behind The Lost-And-Found Counter

Go to the lost-and-found counter in the hallway between the magazine shop and the abandoned train station. Crawl through the conveyor belt tunnels behind the lost-and-found counter. In this back office area, open the locker on the right-hand side. This secret is not counted until you retrieve the Armor from inside the locker.

Rabid Transit 4-0

Secret 5: Outside The Battlelord Sentry Stairwell

After providing the blue access card, enter the newly accessible subway platform in front of you. Outside the stairwell containing the red access card and the Battlelord Sentry, jump on top of the trash bin, and open the miniature "Lunar Apocalypse" poster on the wall above you. Behind this poster is a secret compartment.

Rabid Transit 5-0

Secret 6: Inside The Battlelord Sentry Stairwell

Right beside Secret 5 above, there is an unmarked section of wall at the bottom of the stairwell that can be opened to reveal a secret area. The relevant section of wall is inside the stairwell, in the wall opposite of the stairs, and in the left half of the wall.

Rabid Transit 6-0

Secret 7: Inside The Abandoned Train

Climb on top of the abandoned train. Near the back of the train, a panel has been removed from a window on top of the train. Dropping down into this window will reveal a secret area inside the train. (You can escape by retrieving the Jetpack from inside the train.)

Rabid Transit 7-0

Secret 8: Poster Behind The Train

Behind the abandoned train, an earthquake has caused the train tunnel to collapse, revealing hallways on the left and right sides. In the hallway on the left-hand side (the hallway blocked by a fence), there is a "Riot Master" poster on one of the walls. Opening this poster will reveal a secret compartment.

Rabid Transit 8-0

Secret 9: Behind The Bookcase

In the room with the water fountain and bookcases at the very end of the level, climb on top of the bookcase on the right-hand side (if this proves too difficult, then you can use the Jetpack from Secret 7 above). Standing on top of the right-hand bookcase will lower the left-hand bookcase. Behind the lowered bookcase is a secret compartment.

Rabid Transit 9-0


There are 4 women to be freed on this level. In the game, these women are known as "babes."

Babe 1: Hidden Room In The Battlelord Sentry Stairwell

In the hidden room from Secret 6 above, activate the unusual control panel on the far wall of this room. This will open a hidden compartment full of captive babes.

Rabid Transit babes

Babe 2: Alongside Babe 1

The second babe is found alongside Babe 1 above.

Babe 3: Alongside Babe 1 And Babe 2

The third babe is found alongside Babe 1 and Babe 2 above.

Babe 4: Island Fountain

After providing the red access card to open the door near the end of the level, you will find two sets of stairs, wrapping around a pool of water in the middle of the room. In the middle of this pool of water, you will see an island bearing a water fountain and a captive babe.

Rabid Transit babe

Changes from Duke Nukem 3D

The level begins identically with the revolving doors and magazine shop directly ahead, but there is now a hallway extending to the left, past the vending machines and around a corner.

Rabid Transit 1

The level begins identically to the start of the PC version.

Rabid Transit 2

Revolving doors at the start of the level (left), with the vending machines (center) and new hallway (right).

Rabid Transit 3

View of the new hallway. The hallway abruptly ends, but it continues up the escalators on the left. A small janitor's closet is visible in the corner on the left side.

To the right of the revolving doors and across from the magazine shop (where there was previously just a trash can), there is now a hallway that leads to an abandoned train station, such that the hallway extends in the direction opposite from the magazine shop.

Rabid Transit 4

View of the new hallway beside the trash can (center), looking from inside the magazine shop.

In this short hallway to the abandoned train station, there is a lost-and-found counter and a new secret area in the back office.

Rabid Transit 5

Lost-and-found counter.

Rabid Transit 6

Secret area behind the lost-and-found counter.

In the abandoned train station at the end of the hallway, there is a broken-down train with a secret area inside.

Rabid Transit 7

View from the end of the short hallway, with the broken-down train directly ahead.

Rabid Transit 8

Full view of the abandoned train station. The short hallway is on the right, near the closer end of the train.

Rabid Transit 9

Inside the train.

The abandoned train station also contains the platform with Pig Cops and the blue access card panel from the PC version. Behind this platform, the stairwell with the red access card from the PC version can still be found and has not been changed. On higher difficulty settings, however, the Battlelord Sentry at the top of the stairwell is joined by an Alien Beast (Protector Drone) instead of an Assault Commander.

Rabid Transit 10

Door with the blue access card panel from the PC version. The stairwell containing the red access card is behind this door.

Through an earthquake-induced hole in the wall, the abandoned train station connects with the hallway to the left of the revolving doors at the beginning. This new hallway simply contains some Pig Cops and a janitor's closet.

Rabid Transit 11

Earthquake-induced hole in the wall (center), at the back end of the train.

Rabid Transit 12

View from the hole in the wall. The hallway continues to the top of the escalators, barely visible in this photo.

Rabid Transit 13

View from the top of the escalators.

Rabid Transit 14

View from the bottom of the escalators, with the janitor's closet visible on the right. The hallway abruptly ends on the right, but it continues to the vending machines and the main platform on the left.

At the main platform near the start of the level, there is now only one train instead of two, and the train consists of only one train car. Instead of traveling in a loop, the train now travels bi-directionally in a straight line towards the right of the main platform (there is nothing to the left).

Rabid Transit 15

Main platform. A wall blocking the train from traveling towards the left is visible on the train tracks (right).

The train travels to a new train platform. An inaccessible portion of Gun Crazy can be seen on the other side of a long chain link fence, running the length of the train platform. Behind one of the cement columns, detonating a crack in the wall leads to a parking garage where the blue access card can be found.

Rabid Transit 16

New train platform. The crack in the wall, leading to the blue access card, is visible behind one of the cement columns. The platform abruptly ends to the left of this photo.

Rabid Transit 17

View from the other side of the tracks. An inaccessible portion of Gun Crazy is visible on the other side of the chain link fence.

The parking garage consists of a single room with several cement columns, a parked truck in the far corner, and the overturned mail truck from Going Postal. The parking garage is initially empty, but several enemies appear once the blue access card is retrieved from atop the parked truck.

Rabid Transit 18

Parking garage.

Along the train tracks, the hidden weapon compartment from the PC version can still be found, as well as the platform guarded by Enforcers, but the Enforcers are now positioned directly in front of the red access card door, instead of across the tracks from it.

Rabid Transit 19

Enforcers (center) guarding the red access card door (not visible) along the train tracks.

The final room containing the book shelves and water fountain is unchanged.

See the Levels (DN64) page for a complete list of Duke Nukem 64 levels and their differences from the PC version, including screenshots.

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