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The RC Nukem Car is a remote control toy car complete with Duke Nukem symbol stickers and vinyls, it is given to Duke by Jimmy as a thank you for signing his book earlier in the game.

Driving through the Lady Killer[]

Duke gets himself shrunk by accident when he steps on an alien shrink pad when he steps out of the elevator and makes his way to the end of the room where he runs into Jimmy and his mother, Jimmy is excited about Duke being the size of a toy which Duke quips "I'm not a toy kid, I'm an action figure". Jimmy then allows Duke to use his RC Nukem Car since Duke was nice enough to sign his "Why I'm so Great" Book. Duke uses the RC car to make his way across the Lady Killer in order to get to a expander pad as the aliens kill every man in the building and abduct the women.


Duke finally breaks Jimmy's little toy when Duke makes a big jump across a hole in the floor and destroying the RC car as it lands, Duke then makes his way to an EDF soldier and the Twins.


  • As Duke Nukem can drive it when shrunk it's likely that the car came with an action figure (Most likely of Duke Nukem) and it can be assumed the action figure is remote controlled to pilot the car and interact with it's controls as opposed to the car itself being remote control which might explain Duke Nukem being able to drive it by himself since he would be small enough to operate the cars internal controls because if the car itself was remote controlled Duke Nukem wouldn't be able to drive it as he would've needed Jimmy to control it.