• [Duke killing a pig enemy] "Sue EEE!"
  • [Duke saving a babe guard] "Don't worry, saving chicks is what I'm all about!"
  • [Duke in the Victorian era talking to Duke in the Present Day era] Victorian Duke: *"Lookin' good pal..."
  • Normal Duke: "Who the hell are you? My evil twin?"
  • Victorian Duke: "I'm you, genius. We'll meet back in time. Now hear me. The aliens have travelled into worlds past to try and change history. I went back and fought them, but my time machine was destroyed, and now I can no longer chase them through time! As result of their temperine, your timeline should experience temporal disruptions. The military for your future should have time travel technology, but how you get there is your problem. *But remember, if you don't go back in time and make things right, Earth's history will forever change... and mankind could be wiped out."
  • [To a Duke clone in his apocalypse uniform] "You're too good-looking to kill, but I'm gonna kill you anyway!"
  • [Killing a pig enemy in the Wesern era] "Pignuts roasting... as I open fire..."
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