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These are quotes from Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

Duke Nukem[]

  • (Scarface reference) Say hello to my little friend.
  • Pigs will fly before Morphix rules the world on my watch! (Pig Cop falls to its death)
  • I'm not gonna fight you. I'm gonna kick your ass.
  • No token! No ride!
  • I go where I please, and I please where I go!
  • Looks like we're about to reach our final destination.
  • Your kung fu's through. (Sometimes says this after killing a Gator Grunt)
  • You are the missing link; goodbye.
  • Half man; half animal; all dead.
  • (Reference to Frogger) What am I, a Frog? (He says this if he crosses the road a few times in Chinatown Chiller)
  • You're going down faster than the XFL!
  • Morphix and his G.L.O.P.P. Rig are going down faster than Enron!
  • (To Fem-Mech Boss) I always said if there's a way to go, it would have something to do with women, whips and oil.
  • (After destroying Fem-Mech boss) Oh well. Looks like I've broken another woman's heart.
  • I'll bet this teleporter is an express delivery to Morphix. Well; I've got a special package and I'm gonna make him sign for it.
  • Come on out, Morphix! There's only two ways this can end and in both of them you die!
  • (To player) This is it! Let's you and me finish off this bastard once and for all.
  • Looks like your hardware's gone a little soft, Morphix.
  • (At the start of Orbitial Oblivion) Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Duke Nukem. My continuing mission; to explore strange new babes; to seek out new aliens and kick their asses.
  • (Upon seeing the Queen Cockroach run in front of the train) Looks like you've gotten ahead of yourself there.
  • (Upon seeing the Queen Cockroach about to be smashed against the wall) End of the line! Last stop total destruction!
  • Makin' bacon!
  • So, who wants to glow in the dark?
  • I like big guns and I cannot lie. (reference to the song Baby Got Back)
  • It's my way or... hell, it's my way!
  • This'll be a barrel of laughs.
  • (Upon getting double damage upgrade) It's clobberin' time! (reference to The Thing from Fantastic Four)
  • I kill bugs, dead.
  • Die, bitch.
  • You're beautiful when your dyin'.
  • Call me now for your free whipping.
  • Stop eyeballin' me.
  • So much for the rat pack.
  • Confucius say: Die.
  • Could use some new boots.
  • Mimic THAT.
  • This is why I have games named after me.
  • Take that you dirty rat.
  • Clean up on Aisle Four.
  • Squeal like a pig!
  • What a pussy.
  • I'm an equal opportunity ass kicker!
  • I want a damn refund! This cruise sucks.
  • I don't remember buying tickets to Mutants on Ice.
  • Time to deliver Max Payne on the A train. Now where I put that subway token?
  • Life is like a box of ammo. (reference to Forrest Gump)
  • My gun's bigger than yours.
  • You must be eighteen or older to ride.
  • I love the smell of, burnt crap in the morning.
  • Guns don't kill mutants...I kill mutants!
  • Death before disco!
  • Babes, bullets, bombs! Damn I love this job!
  • Time for reboot.
  • It's a good day to die.
  • (upon been defeated and restarted a checkpoint) Now i am really pissed off!
  • Suprise, suprise! I need a keycard.
  • Motherfu**ing key cards!
  • The queen must be around here in somewhere, and that bitch is gonna pay!
  • Sometimes I even amaze myself.
  • Hmm no lights. Must be part of Morphix's energy conservation plan.

Mech Morphix[]

  • I've lost him. Where's Nukem!?
  • Son of a bitch it's Duke! Lose him you idiot!
  • You've finally met your match this time Nukem!
  • (Offscreen as Duke Nukem decends on a lift) Duke Nukem; still hanging in there I see? Well you know what they say, Duke; the bigger they are; the harder they fall. Try to die with a little dignity, hmm? I wouldn't want you to bruise your image by screaming on your way down *laughs*
  • Lucky shot, Nukem but your luck's about to run out!
  • I don't know how you made it up here alive Duke but now it's time to die!
  • Take this! (Attacking Duke in melee from the Chopper)
  • (Before his helicopter crashes) Pull up damn it! Pull the fucking thing up! (Note: The word Fucking is replaced by a Bleep sound in the game)

Robo Duke[]

  • Go get it.
  • Time to chew ass and kick bubble gum and I'm all out of ass.

Gator Grunt (Boss)[]

  • You want a good fight!? FIGHT ME!
  • (upon being defeated) The fortune cookie didn't say anything about this! You will never take me alive! If this doesn't kill you the bombs in the subway will! *laughs and blows himself up*



(When Duke first meets the Gator Grunt Boss)

Gator Grunt (boss): You want a good fight!? FIGHT ME!

Duke Nukem: I'm not gonna fight you. I'm gonna kick your ass.