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Quotes from Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach[]

  • Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how, come on and safari with me!
  • I'll turn you into a bait!
  • You're blocking my sun, asswipe!
  • Hey, I'm looking to score!
  • Damn, I hate Disco! (shortened quote)
  • Damn, I hate Disco! Stayin' alive, stayn' alive, egh!
  • Hey, I'm giving a lot of love here!
  • Ooh, your ass is grass, and I've got the weed-whacker!
  • Life's a bitch, and then you die!
  • Love! Exciting and new!
  • This vacation sucks! (after dying)
  • Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! Ugh, decisions, decisions
  • Hmm, there's gotta be a clue here!
  • Look boss, ze plane ze plane! ( possible reference to Fantasy Island TV Show)
  • I'll take what's behind door number one! (possible reference Monty Hall problem)
  • Hmm... Most interesting...
  • Ugh... I hate kiddie rides!
  • Wuhuuu!
  • Damn! There goes my ride outta here!
  • Hey, this vacation is looking... up! (shortened quote)
  • I'm feeling a lot of love here! Hey, this vacation is looking... up!
  • I gotta find a way to get over there.
  • Have one on the house!
  • Time to crash this party!
  • It's time to limbo!
  • Ugh... (after dying)
  • Wohooo!
  • Hot tubs, hot babes, I'm home!
  • Damn, I'm looking good!
  • Hmm... Looks like trouble in paradise.
  • Ugh... I like my sunny-side up!
  • Decisions, decisions...
  • You're fish food!
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