Queen Bitch is the 13th level in Duke Nukem Forever. During this level, the Alien Queen is fought as a boss by Duke. After the queen is defeated, Duke is knocked to the ground and EDF forces come to the rescue.

Fighting The QueenEdit

In order to do damage to the queen, the player must throw a pipe-bomb on one of the bouncer pads on either the right or left side of the area where the player is allowed to walk and detonate it when it reached the Queen's back. The Queen will then open her arms and this is when the player should unload all of their RPG ammo on the queen (locking onto her isn't necessary as the rocket only needs to hit any part of her body, head, or arms). After taking damage the queen will shoot out a pod containing an Impregnator which will attack the player until dealt with and the Queen will then block herself with her arms. Eventually after getting the Queen's health to halfway, she will call an Octobrain, which, like the Impregnator, will attack the player until dealt with (note the Octobrain with throw the player's rockets back at them and should be dealt with either a firearm or pipe-bombs). The Queen will also attack the player directly by slamming her arm where the player was standing or screeching at the player when he is in the center of the ledge. Continue the process until the queen collapses onto the ledge and then the player must walk up to the Queen and finish her off with a quicktime event much like all other bosses. (Also note that the bounce pads the player will use to throw the pipe-bombs can be shut by the Queen and the player will have to wait until the Queen opens her arms to attack).

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