The Protective Boots are an inventory item in Duke Nukem 3D and its ports.

Description Edit

The Protective Boots prevents the player from taking any damage while standing on a damaging floor surface, such as slime, lava and purple radioactive waste.

The effectiveness of the Protective Boots depends on the surface the player is walking on:

  • Green slime - Roughly 50 seconds
  • Lava - Roughly 25 seconds
  • Purple radioactive waste - Nearly 8 seconds

Picking up new Protective Boots when holding a partially used pair will cause you to discard your currently held pair and pick up the new ones. The protection from the partially used Protective Boots will therefore be lost, so it is wise to collect them carefully.

Trivia Edit

  • The Protective Boots are the only inventory item that could potentially be seen in a weapon animation - specifically, the Mighty Boot. However, these animations and the player's sprites do not change depending on what the player is carrying/currently wielding, so they are not seen.
    • By extrapolation, the Protective Boots are the only inventory item that could potentially be seen in both a weapon animation and in the player's sprites.
  • The Protective Boots are the only item to have a varying effectiveness time. This depends on the surface the player is standing on.
    • The Protective Boots can be the fastest-draining inventory item, when standing on purple radioactive waste. In this case, they drain twice as quickly as Steroids.
  • The Protective Boots are used as the Mighty Boot icon in Duke Nukem 64 and in eDuke32's alternate HUD design.
  • The Protective Boots couldn't protect the player from green slime spawned by a Toxic Barrel or Protozoid Slimer in V1.3D.

The Protective Boots in other games Edit

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