Prima Arena is the secret level of Alien World Order and takes place in Rome. It can be reached via the secret exit on Mirage Barrage.

Secrets Edit

  1. After starting the level, head out the door, take a right, and then another right into the ladies washroom. There is one locker that is wider than the other two. Open it, destroy what's inside and walk in.
  2. Leave the ladies room and head down the corridor until you get to the destroyed floor. Go to the pillar on the left and look up toward the ceiling for a crack that you can destroy. Head down and you'll get the next secret.
  3. There's a spot where the ground outside is broken. There's a platform with an atomic health pickup that's in this crack in the ground, near the destroyed wall. You can actually carefully circle around the perimiter of this crack in the floor and obtain the secret without dropping down and getting the health.
  4. Fall down the crack and head out one of the two openings in the wall. Head left over to the dead end. Jump to the top of the broken pillar in the water, and a secret door will open up. Go inside.
  5. Get into the room with the red keycard, and make sure the door is closed. Across from the keycard, crouch down and head through the tunnel.

Walkthrough Edit

Duke Nukem 3D-"Damn,I'm Good"-100%-Secret Level-Prima Arena(All Secrets)

Duke Nukem 3D-"Damn,I'm Good"-100%-Secret Level-Prima Arena(All Secrets)

Trivia Edit

  • The Blue Access Card can be skipped entirely for completing the level.
  • The Jetpack only appears in this level of the Alien World Order episode (outside of the "DUF BEER" blimp in Hollywood Inferno dropping it).
  • According to the developer commentary, Richard Bailey Gray cut some sectors out of the level as he felt the level was too confusing to navigate. These cut sectors can still be seen by using the DNSHOWMAP cheat and DNCLIP to reach them. They had enemies in them, making it impossible to get 100% kills without cheating. However, it was fixed with November 2, 2016 patch.
  • The sprites for the fire jets surrounding the Battlelord in the main arena are borrowed from the classic old Apogee game Rise of the Triad.
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