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A Present is a new feature for the Duke: Nuclear Winter expansion; there are two different colors for the present; one is red and the other is green. The present itself is not a new item in the game but when the player walks over it; the present will open and the player will hear an unwrapping sound and it will reveal a random item or weapon such as a Large Medkit, armor, a Chaingun Cannon and a shotgun etc.


The present as it appears in the game

The present is usually dropped by a grunt or groan; however, it's sometimes found scattered throughout some of the levels but in this case it's really only for decorative purposes and cannot be opened by the player; so it's only really of value to the player if an enemy drops it. It should also be noted the Grunts always drop a green present while the Groans always drop a red present and the presents the Grunts have generally contains a Shotgun or a Chaingun Cannon while the presents the FEM Groans have usually contains armor or a large medikit.

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