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The Pregnator is an enemy in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Pregnator is essentially a giant penis, as it fornicates with females in the hive, impregnating them with Octababies. They are larger in size than the Octababies but smaller than most enemies. They will either spawn from various tunnels or other hidden areas on the map and can hatch from Pregnator eggs scattered throughout the Hive and other alien infested levels (though typically most eggs in a level will be empty, they spawn from a couple of them, at most).

They are one of the two enemies (the other being Pig Cops) that can trigger a Quick Time Event by hopping on Duke and forcing you to perform a strength tap to kill it. The damage is considerable, so the player should rip it off as quickly as possible. At greater range, they will launch a white acidic substance at the player; this substance possibly has the function of sperm. This attack is fairly innaccurate but has a large splash radius. If the player gets to close, they may whip Duke with their proboscis; this does moderate damage.

Combat Analysis

Pregnators are fragile, but quite agile; they tend to leap around the room and latch onto Duke when close enough. If far enough away, they will stay still and attack with their long-range weapon, making them an easy target to pick off. If they are on the move, players should try to time their attacks for while they are on the ground.

Shotgun, Ripper, AT Laser and AT Captain Laser and all effective in dealing with one. The M1911 Pistol does not do bonus headshot damage, but it has a decent enough base damge and is far more accurate at longer-ranges. Explosive weapons should not be used except at greater range, given it's agility.

Freeze Ray can freeze a Pregnator, but they cannot be executed; a melee or hit from another weapon will be needed to finish one off.

Pregnators will explode when hit by a single shot of the Expander. The Shrink Ray will shrink it down. This causes the Pregnator to quickly scurry away from Duke, trying to move to the opposite end of the room.

Sticking a Pregnator with a Laser Tripmine (DNF) will cause it to stay pefectly still for a bit. Eventually it will move, which triggers the mine and blows it up.

Destroying an egg with the Pregnator inside will kill the pregnator, too, before it can hatch; eggs have less health than Pregnators do (25, compared to 40).


  • The Pregnator appears to be either a new form or a species similar to Protozoid Slimer, as in Duke Nukem 3D, it was Slimers and their Eggs that were placed near the captured women. An Area 51 science poster also featured proof that Slimers attached to the women. However, this may simply indicate that Slimers cover the women in alien biomass, while it's up to pregnators to use them for breeding. Most likely, still, that the Pregnators are relatively new creatures spawned by aliens' second Alien Queen.
Weapon Effectivenesses
1 strike
1 strike
M1911 Pistol
2 shots
1 shot
5 shots
1 shot
1 rocket
2 rockets
Shrink Ray
Shrink Ray
1 blast
Freeze Ray
10 units
Freeze Ray (3D)
1 shot
AT Laser
1 burst
AT Captain Laser
2 lasers
Enforcer Gun
1 shot
Pipe Bomb
1 pipebomb
Trip Mine
1 mine
1 shot
  • Note: The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: Calculated on the Lets Rock dificulty setting
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