The Pregnator is an enemy in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Pregnator is essentially a giant penis, as it fornicates with females in the hive, impregnating them with Octababies. They are slightly larger in size than the Octababies but smaller than most enemies. They hatch from Pregnator eggs scattered throughout the Hive and other alien infested levels.

They are one of the two enemies (the other being the Pig Cops) that can trigger a Quick Time Event by hopping on you and forcing you to bash the button to kill it. They also have a range attack by splitting a white acidic substance at you. This substance possibly has the function of sperm.


  • The Pregnator appears to be either a new form or a species similar to Protozoid Slimer, as in Duke Nukem 3D, it was Slimers and their Eggs that were placed near the captured women. An Area 51 science poster also featured proof that Slimers attached to the women. However, this may simply indicate that Slimers cover the women in alien biomass, while it's up to pregnators to use them for breeding. Most likely, still, that the Pregnators are relatively new creatures spawned by aliens' second Alien Queen.
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