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Singleplayer Levels

Main Campaign

1. Duke Lives
2. Damn! It's Late...
3. The Duke Cave
4. Mothership Battle
5. The Lady Killer
6. Vegas in Ruin
7. The Duke Dome
8. The Hive
9. Queen Bitch
10. Duke Nukem's Titty City
11. Crash Course
12. The Duke Burger

13. The Mighty Foot
14. Ghost Town
15. Highway Battle
16. Dam Top
17. The Shrunk Machine
18. The Forkstop
19. Generator Room
20. Underground
21. The Clarifier
22. Blowin' the Dam
23. Final Battle
24. Press Conference

The Doctor Who Cloned Me

1. Rude Awakening
2. Going Down
3. In Security
4. The Clone Carousel
5. Me, Myself, and I
6. Meat Grinder
7. The Doctor Is In

8. Magic Carpet Ride
9. Drunken Crane Master
10. All Your Base...
11. Tunnel Vision
12. The Burning Bush
13. Teleportation Spire
14. Duke Side of the Moon

Multiplayer Levels

Base Game

Hail to the Icons Parody Pack

The Doctor Who Cloned Me