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Plunder & Pillage is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D. It was created by Petrilla Enterprises and initially released as version 1.0 on March 24th, 2002; the mod was later updated to version 1.01B, which fixed multiple bugs and added cooperative and DukeMatch support, on July 16th, 2011. It includes new levels, new weapons, new enemy sprites, new sound effects, new music, and new voiceovers to fit a pirate theme. It is unknown if Plunder & Pillage was ever completed.

Episodes & Difficulty Levels[]

Episode 1: Plunder Pillage[]

  • Trouble on the High Seas
  • Plundering Pillageing
  • Get the Loot
  • Town.map (accessible in the "user map" section)

Difficulty Levels[]

  • Avast Ye Matey (Piece of Cake replacement)
  • Arr Shiver Me Timbers (Let's Rock)
  • Hardy Har Har (Come Get Some replacement)
  • Arr (Damn I'm Good replacement)


Project Leader: Jesse Petrilla

Map Designer: Jesse Petrilla

Voice of Cptn. Jess Murdock: Jesse Petrilla

Voice of Parrot: Jesse Petrilla

Voice of Villager: Jesse Petrilla

Mod version 1.01B update: Bobo Macklhamin

Other Sounds and Graphics (C) by their respective owners

Game engine (C) 1996 3D Realms/Ken Silverman

Plunder & Pillage Demo Ver 1.0 (C) 2001 Petrilla Enterprises