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Piracy is a Dukematch map playable in Duke Nukem 64. Comprised of a pirate ship and fortress, Piracy is a modified section of the level Babe Land from the Atomic Edition.

Comparison to Babe Land

Compared to Babe Land in the Atomic Edition, Piracy only consists of the pirate ship, the pirate fortress across from the ship, and the slave trading outpost behind the fortress. The exit button has been moved from inside the pirate fortress to a balcony above it. There are no animatronic pirates.

Piracy 1

Pirate fortress and the exit button above it.

Piracy 2

Pirate ship.

Piracy 3

Slave trading outpost. The waterway only extends towards the right.

Piracy also contains the beginning of the secret ventilation shaft above the pirate ship that appeared in Babe Land. The ventilation shaft still contains the security camera from Babe Land, even though security cameras serve no purpose on this map.

Piracy 4

Inside the secret ventilation shaft. It abruptly ends after only a meter or two.

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