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For the Duke Nukem 3D weapon, see Pipe Bomb (DN3D).

The Pipe Bomb is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Pipe Bomb is a grenade-like weapon that can be remotely blown-up after thrown. Unlike the other weapons in the game, the Pipe Bomb can always be held if the player finds one. It has its own hotkey, which lets the player toss one anytime. Of comic note is the fact that the detonator is a car key remote (presumably to Duke's monster truck), and upon detonation it makes a sound just like one. The pattern of 3 beeps emitted by the detonator sounds like part of the Duke Nukem theme song, Grabbag.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The Pipe Bomb can be used to destroy Trip Mines.
  • They can also be bounced off of the Alien Launch Pads to get past some puzzles.



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