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The Pigcop is an enemy in Duke Nukem Forever.


Pigcops are basically large, muscular, anthropomorphic pigs. Most of them are bare chested, but some still wear an EDF uniform, hinting that they were EDF soldiers before they were mutated.

The first type of Pigcop is the classic gun-wielding type. These types of Pigcops have been seen wielding the M1911 Pistol, Shotgun, Ripper, and the RPG (rarely). The ones holding the Ripper wears a wrecked EDF attire while the other three are shirtless. Sometimes if injured, they will drop their weapons and revert to melee attacks. When they do this, they are exactly the same as the second type as detailed below. According to the loading screen, reverting to melee attacks also causes them to regain some health.

The second type, new to DNF, is the melee type. These types are a lot more animal-like than the classic Pigcop. Instead of shooting the player, they will charge towards the player, sometimes on all-fours, and try to pounce or swipe the player with its claws. These guys are always shirtless and look like the Pistol, Shotgun, and RPG Pigcops.

The third type, also new to DNF, is the Super Pigcop. These substantially bigger than the other two types and also wears wrecked EDF attire. They carry the RPG most of the time and have more health which makes killing them top priority over the others.

Pig Cops sometimes carry pipe bombs which they use to flush you out. Normally only the first type of Pigcops carry these.

Combat Analysis[]

Pig Cops behave based on what weapons they are carrying (or if they are carrying any at all)

  • Pistol & Ripper: They will move in somewhat and try to get close enough to get in some good shots. Pistol-carrying Pigcops may stay a little further away that Ripper-carrying Pigcops will.
  • Shotgun: These one will continue to advance upon the player to dish out as much damage as possible. Try to keep your distance from them, since Shotgun damage is quite deadly.
  • RPG: These one (in both sizes) tend to stay where they are while they launch RPGs at the player. Given they hardly do any moving, they are the easiest to pick off with headshots.
  • Unarmed: Without any weapons, they will run up to the player and attempt to melee them.

All pigcops have a chance to go berserk if they are hit with an attack that does not kill them (When they reach 20 or less HP), but there are instances where they are scripted to. Blood flies from their bodies as they are shown going into a rage, recovers all their health, then charges right at the player. They should get immediate priority over anything else on the battlefield and be taken out as quickly as possible. They move at an incredible speed and can continually pummel the player until they are dead. They may also make a sudden leap at the player which can be avoided if the player strafes to the left or right.

  • Headshots with the M1911 are not impossible: Aim for the center of the body and it's likely the player can score a headshot.
  • Shotgun and Ripper attack well, but it's important to watch and see what they do when they get closer to the player.
  • If the player is aware of where pre-scripted ones will appear, they can set a trap in advance (such as The Duke Burger: Part 3) with Laser Tripmines and Pipe Bombs.
  • One of the safest way to deal with Berserker Pigcops is to make it impossible for them to reach the player. Where there are only a few situations where this is possible (Like the overlooking tower at Highway Battle: Part 2), if they are unable to get to the player they will simply stay put and can be easily picked off.

Should a Berserk Pigcop grapple with the player, it is urgent to break this as quickly as possible. On lower difficulties, should the player survive the initial damage, they will eventually break Duke's neck, outright killing the player.

Weapon Effectivenesses
3 strikes
1 strike
M1911 Pistol
5 shots
1 shell
12 shots
1 shot
1 rocket
5 rockets
Shrink Ray
Shrink Ray
1 blast
Freeze Ray
0.833 seconds
Freeze Ray (3D)
3 cubes
AT Laser
2 bursts
AT Captain Laser
5 lasers
Enforcer Gun
1 shot
Pipe Bomb
1 pipebomb
Trip Mine
1 mine
2 shots
Expand + Kill
  • Note: The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: Calculated on the Lets Rock dificulty setting
  • Note: these are non-head shot values only
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