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The Pig Cop Tank, also known as the Riot Tank, is an enemy in Duke Nukem 3D. It was introduced in the Atomic Edition and only appears in The Birth and Alien World Order.


Like the Recon Patrol Vehicle, the Pig Cop Tank is a vehicle driven by a Pig Cop. When destroyed, there is a 50% chance that its driver will escape unharmed. The tank fires a rapid hitscan attack using its dual-mounted side guns, and it launches grenades, similar to the Battlelord's. At long-range, it may also fire lasers that use the same projectiles as the Assault Trooper.

On the backside of the tank is a self-destruct button. Pressing this button will cause an alarm to ring, and the vehicle will self-destruct after a few moments. If the vehicle self-destructs, it yields an explosion that uses the same sprite as other explosions, but it deals more damage and has a wider blast radius than its sprite suggests.

Combat analysis[]

The Pig Cop Tank can deal large amounts of damage very quickly and has more health than most enemies in the game. However, it is slow-moving and even slower to rotate. In general, the self-destruct button on its backside is an easy and reliable method for destroying the Pig Cop Tank, provided that the Pig Cop Tank is not at a long-range distance and that it is possible to escape before the tank explodes.

Being mechanical in nature, the Pig Cop Tank is immune to the Shrinker. Most other weapons are similarly ineffective or impractical to use against the Pig Cop Tank. If the self-destruct button on the Pig Cop Tank's backside is not a viable option, then the best choice of weaponry is either the RPG (3 rockets) or the Shotgun (6 shots).

Weapon effectivenesses
Mighty Foot
50 kicks
85 shots
6 shots
Chaingun Cannon
55 shots
3 rockets
Pipe Bomb
4-6 bombs
Not effective
36 shots
16 rockets
Laser Tripbomb
5 mines
25 shots
16 shots
  • The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.


Hit points 500
Speed 100
Pain chance 0%
Clipdist 100
Scale 60 x 60
Sprites & sounds
Actor tile number 1975/TANK
Chase sound tank3a.voc
Death sound bombexpl.voc
Side Gun Bullet Attack
Type Hitscan
Rate Average 13 shots/second
Damage 6~
180~ (average full volley)
Actor tile number 2595/SHOTSPARK1
Sound pistol.voc
ricochet.voc (Impact)
Side Gun Laser Attack
Type Projectile
Rate Average 13 shots/second
Speed 840
Damage 7~
210~ (average full volley)
Actor tile number 1625/FIRELASER
Sound gblasr01.voc
Mortar Attack
Type Projectile
Speed Varies
Damage 0-50 (blast radius)
Blast radius 2500 map units
Actor tile number 1650/MORTER
1890/EXPLOSION2 (Impact)
Sound rpgfire.voc
bombexpl.voc (impact)


  • Duke Nukem 64 features Duke-Burger and Area 51 without the Pig Cop Tank on either level.
  • In the art files of Duke Nukem 3D, there is an unused set of sprites, including what appears to be an alternate Pig Cop Tank. This alternate version has been unofficially dubbed the Scorpion Tank due to its resemblance to a scorpion. It may be either a prototype of the Pig Cop Tank or an additional enemy that was abandoned during development.
  • In Duke Xtreme, the Pig Cop Tank's side gun attack will emit the same sound as the silenced Pistol whenever the player's Pistol is silenced. Internally, this is because both use the same link for the audio file.

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