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For the Duke Nukem 3D enemy, see Pig Cop (DN3D).

PigCops are common enemies in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. They have three variants: blue, black, and green. Portrayed as more intelligent than in other Duke Nukem games, they are shown speaking and collaborating with Morphix.


There are two, if not three variants of PigCops in this game the two main ones being referred to as PigCops in blue and black. The blue ones are common police officers, while the black ones are S.W.A.T. members and are more armed.

PigCop level 1[]


Duke will meet the 1st PigCop not so long after climbing to the roof in the 1st Part of rooftop rebellion. This PigCop is dressed almost the same way as the one from Duke Nukem 3D, except they have gloves and no boots or vests. They are armed with a shotgun. A shot takes out 10 of your a hp and so does a strike with his gun. It's the weakest enemy in the game and Duke will be able to kill them with ease.

PigCop level 2[]


This version of the PigCop is slightly tougher than the level 1 PigCop, but again isn't much of a threat to Duke. They are dressed in black SWAT uniforms and wear a helmet. They are also a bit more muscular than the lvl 1 PigCops. They carry the same shotgun as the lesser level 1 versions, but these pigs can duck as well to get a better shot at Duke. Lvl 2 pigs take 12 of your hit points with a single shot and 15 hp if they strike and hit Duke.

PigCop level 3[]


The level 3 PigCop is bigger and more muscular than the level 2 PigCop, they are dressed in olive drab SWAT uniforms with a vest and have additional armor plating on their lower legs, they wear the same helmet as the level 2 pig but with goggles. Like the level 2 pig, this PigCop can duck and shoot at Duke aggressively, but the main difference from the others is his weapon. This variant is armed with an automatic shotgun which can fire 8-10 rounds. One round will take 5 of Duke's Hit Points so Duke needs to be careful, as a full salvo can deal 50 damage if Duke gets hit by 10 rounds. When he strikes Duke with his gun, he'll take off 20 of his HP. If the player can avoid being hit, they should still be able to take out this variant without too much hassle.


  • In Duke Nukem 3D, the PigCop was originally supposed to be able to hit the player with their Shotgun, but 3D Realms dropped the idea, since it was not working in the game, but in Manhattan Project the PigCops can hit the player with their gun, thus reviving the initial concept.
  • Despite the PigCops from Duke Nukem 3D originally being mutated humans from the L.A.P.D., these PigCops seem to be mutated ordinary pigs. This is proven when Duke Nukem hits them enough with the G.L.O.P.P. Gun (which reverses the mutation of an enemy in the game), these PigCops will turn into small pigs - which might make sense as Morphix's army generally consists of mutated animals and bugs, along with some mechanical creations.
  • In Manhattan Project, if Duke jumps on a PigCop's head, the PigCop will get hurt and eventually die. This is not in the case of PigCops in other Duke games.
  • The first variant of the PigCop 's model in this game appears to have been reused in Duke Nukem Mobile .
  • There are three PigCops of the first variant seen wearing a helmet. The first two appears in the introduction cutscene and the third one is the first boss that pilots the helicopter alongside Morphix.