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The PYP Team was a modding team. The team had half-a-dozen members and released the Duke Nukem 3D/Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition total conversion Pray Your Prayers on December 25th, 1999; an updated version, Pray Your Prayers 2000, was released on October 2nd, 2000. A version of Pray Your Prayers 2000 was released to be able to work with the EDuke32 source port, which fixed certain issues with the from the original version of Pray Your Prayers 2000, by James Stanfield on January 19th, 2008. A patch for the EDuke32 version of the mod was released by EddyM4814 on May 23rd, 2009.

Team members[]

  • Kevin Cools (a.k.a. KefNukem) – Mapper
  • Daniel Ewald (a.k.a. Shambler) – Team leader, maintainer, creator, mapper, weapon artist
  • Kiel (a.k.a. HellsLance) – CON hacker, mapper
  • Arthur Nugmanov (a.k.a. AYPTP/Victim) – CON hacker, mapper
  • Jimmy Parkwood (a.k.a. Hiro) – Mapper
  • Rob (a.k.a. Bomber) – Mapper

DN3D mods[]