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The Overlord Sentry is an enemy that first appeared in Duke Nukem 64. It is a smaller and weaker version of the Overlord, bearing the same relationship to the Overlord that the Battlelord Sentry bears to the Battlelord.

Two decades after it first appeared in Duke Nukem 64, it made its first appearance on the PC via Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour.


The Overlord Sentry wields two built-in rocket launchers.

In Duke Nukem 64, it is completely unaffected by the Shrinker but can be inflated by the Expander.

In Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, it can be shrunk by the Shrinker, and although it cannot be inflated, it can be killed by the Expander.


  • In Duke Nukem 64, the Overlord Sentry is found on the level Freeway, as well as Hotel Hell on higher difficulty settings.
  • When Duke defeats the Overlord, Duke will say, "Die, you son of a bitch!" in the PC version and, "Hey! You're the disease, and I'm the cure!" in the Nintendo 64 version. Duke will sometimes say this later phrase in Duke Nukem 64 when killing Overlord Sentries.
  • Different from other enemies in Duke Nukem 64, the Overlord Sentry will exhibit its normal dying animation even when killed by explosives.
  • Unlike the Overlord from the PC version, an Overlord Sentry in Duke Nukem 64 cannot step on any water surfaces and, therefore, cannot submerge itself. This is most likely to prevent it from falling into the sewers in Freeway.
  • Although there were no Overlord Sentries in the original PC version of Duke Nukem 3D (before the 20th Anniversary Edition), there was still some unused data for the Overlord Sentry buried in the game's memory. Duke Nukem 64 appears to use some of this unused data, including the Overlord Sentry's highly specific speed parameter: 84. Also, Duke Nukem 64 uses a leftover alert sound that was never used for the Overlord in the PC version (file: "b3pain04.voc").
  • Before the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition, some fan-made levels on the PC featured the Overlord Sentry, since its data could be recovered from the game's files. However, this early version of the Overlord Sentry only had 1 hitpoint because 3D Realms never intended for this version of the Overlord Sentry to be used. Several fan-made mods, including DukePlus, artificially increased the Overlord Sentry's hitpoints for use in fan-made levels.
  • One way to see the difference in size between the Overlord and the Overlord Sentry is to play to the end of Red Ruckus (in the 20th Anniversary Edition) on higher difficulty settings, where the two appear side-by-side.



The Overlord Sentry (right) beside the Overlord (left) and a Battlelord Sentry (center).

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