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Of Pigs and Men VR is a single-player level in the "Space Gladiators" episode of Alien Armageddon.


In this VR simulation, Duke Nukem and Bombshell must travel to a heavily-fortified building full of Pig Cops and various other aliens, destroy the main reactor, and escape.


There are 2 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: Reactor Room[]

Inside the fortified building, you will eventually come to a room full of Pig Cops, metal barrels, a claw on the ceiling and what looks to be the main reactor that needs to be blown up to progress in the level. Also in here is a metal track leading to an alcove in the wall. Jump inside and go through it to find a Holoduke.

Secret 2: Devastating Power[]

In the room with the door that requires 3 power sources to be blown up before it will open, face the door and head through the doorway to the right. Fight your way through an outside area, before going into another interior area, containing another power source. When you reach an intersection where you can see the power source through a bulletproof window, turn left and look for a ventilation duct on the floor. Break it open and head on in to get a Devastator.