The Octababy is an enemy in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Octababy is an infant version of the Octabrain. It cannot fly or use any of the mental energy attack and is limited to melee attacks by means of jumping at you. They are hatched from impregnanted women three at a time in a violent burst from the women's bodies. Just like the Octabrain, the Octababies can swim and will be encountered in the water levels as well as dropping down from vents and air ducts. If you hit a Octababy with the shrinker it will turn tiny and accidentally kill itself as it does its leap attack.

Combat AnalysisEdit

Generally throughout the game octababies are mostly encountered on land and are of little concern to the player as the player can simply crush them underfoot; kill one with a single punch and dispose of them very quickly with any weapon. Their attack on land does minimal damage because they don't really get much of a chance to damage the player seeing as they actually have to leap up to bite the player which makes their attack somewhat slow and cumbersome . However when encountered underwater the situation changes very quickly; Duke cannot crush them underfoot underwater, and to top it all off the Octababy is a lot more manuverable and right at home underwater because they can swim, thus giving its attack a lot more punch and accuracy than on land as it can rapidly tear into Duke with its incisors, which can kill the player in no time, especially if the player is being attacked by a group. In general it's a minimal threat on land but underwater it's a deadly opponent and should not be underestimated regardless of its relatively weak health.

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