Occupied Territory is the fifth level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.

Summary Edit

The level lives up to its respective title, since the space station is heavily guarded by the alien forces. Duke Nukem begins the level in a small room after getting to the space station via a teleporter. The level starts off easy, but it doesn't take too long for it to become difficult since Duke will encounter wave after wave of alien resistance, as well as a few Mini Battlelords. Like most of the Space Stations in Lunar Apocalypse, this space station once belonged to the Earth Defense Forces before the aliens took over.

This has a secret exit to Spin Cycle E2L10, accessed by shooting a switch high up directly opposite the normal exit. To the opposite side, a door opens, accessible by using jetpack.

Secrets Edit

  1. When you open the first blast door, crouch down and enter the crawlspace to the right for an atomic health.
  2. In the central area, there is a grate on the central separator. Kick it open for armor and an RPG.
  3. In the central area, enter the point where the sentry drones arrive from to collect RPG ammo and an atomic health. This secret can be reached with the jetpack or steroids by running and jumping off the slanted window.
  4. In the room where you get the blue keycard, the broken screens can either be opened or passed through. You can collect atomic health and two laser tripbombs.

Easter eggs Edit

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