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Occupied Territory is the fifth level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.

Secret exit

In the room at the very end of the level, walk to the middle of the bridge leading to the exit button. Turn a little more than 90 degrees to the left, and look up towards the ceiling. A switch can be found high on the wall. Shooting it will open a compartment directly behind you. Jump into the hidden compartment to find a secret exit to Spin Cycle.


Secret 1: Corner of the blast door

At the start of the level, open the door and proceed to the next room. Upon entering the next room, a giant blast door will automatically close. Find the switch, and open the blast door. In the bottom-right corner of the opened blast door, there is a secret crawlspace with an Atomic Health inside.

Secret 2: RPG in the ventilation shaft

In the windowed hallway with Assault Commanders at one end, there is a ventilation grate on one of the two walls separating the two halves of the hallway. Enter the ventilation shaft to find some Armor and an RPG.

Secret 3: Sentry Drone compartment

Again in the windowed hallway, Sentry Drones will emerge from a hidden compartment once the player traverses roughly two-thirds of the hallway. The secret is inside that compartment. There are two ways to reach it:

  1. Fly into the compartment using the Jetpack.
  2. With the Steroids active, jump from the top of the slanted windows.

Secret 4: Behind the computer monitors

After using the Red Access Card, open the door with the Battlelord's face at the top of the ramp. Depending on the difficulty setting, one or more Battlelord Sentries may be found in this room. Behind the Blue Access Card on the opposite side of the room, there is a wall of computer monitors. Either open the bottom-right computer monitor or jump through the top-left computer monitor to find a secret compartment.


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