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The most common version of Duke Nukem's symbol

The Nuke Radiation logo is the iconic symbol of Duke Nukem and it appears in every Duke Nukem game to exist.

The symbol is always seen as Duke Nukem's belt buckle and is often seen on some of Duke's weapons. It also appears on his vehicles as well as some barrels and crates in the games.

The Nukem logo is an inverted radioactive trefoil symbol, the internationally used hazard symbol used to alert to the danger of radiation.

Duke Nukem 1 & II[]

The Nukem symbol is only seen a few times in the first two games as logos on radioactive barrels.

DukeIa copy

The Nuke symbol on the barrels in Duke Nukem 1

Duke Nukem 3D[]

Duke Nukem 3D was when the Nukem logo became the iconic symbol it is today, appearing for the first time on Duke's belt. It was used as the switch to end levels and continue onto the next level.


The Nuke symbol that needs to be triggered at the end of every level in order to progress

It also appeared on the scenery in the game such as the elevator where Duke rises up into the Stadium to fight the Cycloid Emperor.

Duke Nukem Forever[]

12 years after the events of Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem has become the most famous man to ever live, and the Nukem symbol has become the most iconic and popular symbol on the planet. It had been touched up and polished into a gold plated symbol for Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem changed his Nuke belt buckle from a gold plated square with a branded in symbol to a solid round grey Nuke symbol.

Duke Nukem 3D 1920x1080

The Belt Buckle from the Duke Nukem 3D box art


Duke's Nuke Buckle in Duke Nukem Forever