Red Light District ("Mean Streets") in November 1995

The November 1995 prototype of Duke Nukem 3D consists of a few nearly identical builds dating around November of 1995. It is only one of several known 1995 prototypes. Everything that is known about the unreleased prototype comes from promotional screenshots and demo footage.


Compared to the other 1995 prototypes, the November prototype was markedly similar to the commercial release. One similar feature was the HUD, which was now nearly identical to the final version. The LameDuke Troopers had been replaced with the Assault Troopers and Assault Captains, and the Octabrains made their first appearance as well. The Enforcers and Pig Cops had their sprites updated, though both were still subtly different from their final sprites, and the Recon Patrol Vehicles were now piloted by Pig Cops instead of Enforcers. Hollywood Holocaust, Red Light District, Death Row, Toxic Dump, Launch Facility, and Warp Factor were nearly finished, and in some cases, they were more detailed than their final counterparts. As explained in the 20th Anniversary Developer Commentary, some of the maps were deliberately stripped of details so as to increase the game's frame rate on the computer hardware available at the time. One screenshot from the prototype shows a canyon that may have been an early version of The Abyss. In terms of weapons, the Plasma Cannon was replaced by the Shotgun, and a couple other weapons also made their first appearances, including the Chaingun Cannon and Laser Tripbombs. The November prototype also featured the Space Suit as an inventory item, which was cut from the final game.


A promotional slideshow released through 3D Realms' website on November 19, 1995 included a small collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers from developer George Broussard.

Common Duke Nukem 3D questions:

Q: When will it be out?
A: The offical responce is "When it's ready".  We are trying for a pre-XMAS
release, but will hold the game to early January if we don't think it's ready
to go out.  We will NOT rush the game to make some lame deadline.  We are
getting more and more optomistic as the days go by though.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: 486 DX2/66 (local bus recommended). The basic answer is "What are you happy
playing on?"  We are "happy" with the above system.  8 MEGS of ram and CD will
be required.  Also, a CD-ROM is required for the registered version.

Q: What weapons are there?
A: Still tweaking and working on them, but the basic list is: Kick, High speed
pistol, shotgun, 3 barrel chain gun, rocket launcher, pipe bomb with remote
detonator, shrink ray (really fun), microwave assault cannon, wall mounted
laser trip bomb (plant and forget).  Obviously some will be held back from
the shareware version.  Which ones?  Dunno yet.

Q: How many levels are there and how big is the shareware version?
A: The shareware version will be 5 levels and a secret level.  4 of the levels
are going to be really fun for network play and the other two fairly large,
but slanted towards single play more.  The full game will have another 21
levels or so, depending on time.  At least 18 though.  The shareware version
will likely be between 4 and 5 megs in download size.

Q: Can I be a beta tester?
A: No.  Sorry, but we have all we need at the moment.  We'll post a message
if we need any more.  Please let us get back to work :)



Duke Nukem 3D - Late 1995 Beta

Duke Nukem 3D - Late 1995 Beta

3D Realms Beta Trailer

3D Realms Beta Trailer

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