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The Night Vision Goggles are an inventory item in Duke Nukem 3D and its ports.


The Night Vision Goggles amplify all ambient light levels, allowing the exploration of dark areas. As suggested by their green lenses, the resulting brightened image is tinted green.

Any enemy that is looked at through the Goggles is shaded a very bright green so that they stand out.

Picking up new Night Vision Goggles when holding a partially used pair will cause you to discard your currently held pair and pick up the new pair. The batteries in the partially used Goggles will therefore be lost, so it is wise to collect them carefully.

The Night Vision Goggles can distinguish between a holoduke and a real Duke in multiplayer. The holoduke stays normal in appearance but darkened, while the real duke is light green.


  • While the Goggles display all enemies in a very bright green, they do not do the same for other sources of heat, such as NPCs or machinery.

The Night Vision Goggles in other games[]

  • In Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach, the Night Vision Goggles are (paradoxically) renamed the Sunglasses.
  • The console ports have the Goggles work by decreasing the amount of shading the level has, thus making everything appear brighter. This is presumably to avoid the aforementioned failure of the Goggles in Duke Nukem 3D to display other NPCs and machinery in the same bright green as enemies.
  • The Goggles are referenced in Duke Nukem Forever as DukeVision, which is now built into his iconic shades.

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