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Not to be confused with the Necrobrain.

Early version of the Necro.


The Necro is an enemy in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.

The Necro closely resembles the Necrobrain from Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes and the Octabrain from Duke Nukem 3D. Although it is known that the Necrobrain is a cybernetically enhanced Octabrain, the Necro's relationship to the other two is never clearly established in official game lore.

Game manual description[]

"Greater servants of the Alien Warlords, the Necro are living computers. Through their super-science they can project balls of mental energy as a weapon. Twisted and evil, they delight in the suffering of the other "lesser races." They view humans as perfect hosts for their parasitic larvae."


It resembles a beige floating brain with two red eyes, two incisors and three tentacles. It can take a good amount of punishment so heavier weapons such as the Gatling Gun are recommended. They have the ability to float around and can sometimes be found und​erwater. Their primary method of attack is a mental blast which can do considerable damage if it hits Duke and while it's quite powerful it's also among the easier attacks to avoid in the game since the player can see it coming towards them. Interestingly if the Necro is underwater its Mental Blast travels slower and the Necro itself also appears to have less mobility; however since some guns don't work underwater in the game, the player could also have a bit of a disadvantage as well.