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My Digs is a singleplayer map in Duke Nukem Forever that is accessible only from the multiplayer menu.

The map is set in Duke Nukem's penthouse, and it acts as a kind of reward system based on the player's progression in multiplayer. It also features several mini-games from the singleplayer campaign that can be replayed at any time.


On My Digs, players can customize the interior of Duke's penthouse by spending points obtained during multiplayer. Unlockable content includes portraits, trophies, statues, and other furniture.

Unlockable characters

At first, the only character in the penthouse other than Duke is Kitty Pousoix, a French maid. However, some of the unlockables are other characters that can join Duke and Kitty in the penthouse. These characters are all female, and the unlockables menu refers to them as "babes."

DNF Babes 2

Kitty Pousoix and all unlockable characters

The unlockable characters include:

  • Miso Ho'ney (Masseuse)
  • Funky Nefertiti (Bartender)
  • Trudy Uprights (Personal Trainer)
  • Chastity (College Student)
  • Sgt. Peppa (Bodyguard)
  • Holsom twins (Celebrity Pop Stars)

Easter eggs

  • Miso Ho'ney quips, "Who wants some Wang? Not me! I want some Duke!" This is a reference to Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior.
  • When flirting with Kitty Pousoix, Duke will sometimes say, "Dear Diary: Jackpot!" This quote was originally spoken by Quagmire in season 3, episode 14 of Family Guy.


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