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My Digs is a map in Duke Nukem Forever, accessible only from the Multiplayer menu. It acts as a relaxing retreat for Duke Nukem in between multiplayer matches, and Duke can customize it or get furniture or "Babes" for it by levelling up. It also serves as the central hub of Duken Nukem Forever, an non-linear level were Duke can freely explore and interact with several mini-games found in the main campaign.

When you start out and visit your "digs" for the first time, Kitty Pousoix, a sexy French maid, is the only person there. Duke can interact with her by "Ogling" at her, upon which Duke will say a witty one-liner and she will respond back. While exploring, Duke sees a bunch of boxed up items that he can examine more closely. These items are unlocked with each level unlocked. They range from portraits, trophies, and large statues commemorating Duke all the way to more girls to ogle. The more you play multiplayer, the more items and babes you will receive to customize Duke's apartment.

Unlockable BabesEdit

DNF Babes 2

All babes in My Digs

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