The Mutated Human is a scrapped Duke Nukem Forever enemy.


The Mutated Human is a human with various tentacles growing out of him/her. Mutated EDF soldiers were the most common kind shown, but a few mutated regular humans can be found in the 2001 trailer.

Based on the 2001 trailers, it appears that Mutated Humans were able to wield Shield, as the player can be seen shooting a Mutated EDF soldier that is wielding one.

The closest things to an attack the Mutated Humans are to have shown is swinging with their tentacles, but this might’ve possibly been a part of a scripted sequence.

Other Mutated HumansEdit

Throughout the trailers and concept arts, there appears to have been three other types of Mutated Humans, Army Ant, Big Mama, and Pig Cop


The Mutated Humans appear to have been completely removed. The idea of EDF soldiers being mutated lives on in the final Pig Cop.


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