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This page lists each track of the original Duke Nukem II soundtrack and links to complete recordings on YouTube.


Track Name Level(s)
Apogee Fanfare Apogge Intro
Shooting Range Introduction
Duke II Main Menu
Menu Song 2 Loading
He's Back E1M1, E2M7, E4M3
Kick Butt E1M2, E4M2
Be Gone E1M3, E2M6, E3M4, E4M1
U B Dead E1M4, E2M5, E3M2, E4M4
Squeak E1M5, E4M6
Fight E1M6, E3M1, E4L5
Duckin' E1M7, E3M7, E4M7
Nukemania E2M1, E3M6
Out of the Depths E2M2,
Prowl E2M3,
Kiss the Girls E2M4, E3M3
Winning E3M5,
Open Gate Bonus Stats
Calm Before the Storm E1M8, E2M8, E3M8, E4M8
King Duke Boss Battles
Neverend End of Episode